You will be shocked by the “OUT OF BODY” secret my parents & family insisted I conceal for more than 50 years.  At the age of seven I died, previewed the future through 2050 then returned from the dead. At almost 80 years of age I now reveal what I witnessed while dead. This is no ordinary “out of body” experience. –
Yes! Heaven Is Real because I went there in 1946 when I  died and my body was covered with a sheet awaiting cremation. – Two hours later I was found alive. – In paradise I was shown earth’s future for the next 100+ years. For 65 years I have witnessed all but the final events unfold. Because no one believed an 8 year old boy, my parents made me promise to go silent, denying my experience. Mom and dad are now in Paradise therefore I no longer will remain silent.
In 2013 the last of the events shown to me began to unfold – They will last approximately 32 to 38 years – War? Peace? Rain? Draught?  Good Times? Bad Times? – Find out what to expect for the next 25-30 years!

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