NEW EXPANDED EDITION (over 18,000 more words) to be released in late January or February 2016. Pre-order the expanded edition only from this website and be the first to receive the book before it is available in book stores.
You will be shocked by the “OUT OF BODY” secret my parents & family insisted I conceal for more than 50 years.  At the age of seven I died, previewed the future through 2050 then returned from the dead. At almost 80 years of age I now reveal what I witnessed while dead. This is no ordinary “out of body” experience. –
Yes! Heaven Is Real because I went there in 1946 when I  died and my body was covered with a sheet awaiting cremation. – Two hours later I was found alive. – In paradise I was shown earth’s future for the next 100+ years. For 65 years I have witnessed all but the final events unfold. Because no one believed an 8 year old boy, my parents made me promise to go silent, denying my experience. Mom and dad are now in Paradise therefore I no longer will remain silent.
In 2013 the last of the events shown to me began to unfold – They will last approximately 32 to 38 years – War? Peace? Rain? Draught?  Good Times? Bad Times? – Find out what to expect for the next 25-30 years!

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